Tool Tutorials

This is a collection of tool tutorials. A tool tutorial contains examples and materials (as well as, of course, the tool itself) designed to give a more or less self-contained 4-6h mini-course (not more).  The highest virtue of a tutorial is consistency: the tool, slides, examples and instructions must be in harmony with each other. This probably means that you cannot include the latest version of your tool. That's OK. To preserve consistency, the materials will be archived and hosted on this website.

A tool tutorial should contain:
  • Short description (kind of properties verified, technology used, target language, specification language)
  • Website
  • Tool distribution (incl. statement of dependencies and installation instructions)
  • Introductory text (optional)
  • Slides (for 4-6h)
  • Examples with explanations (in particular of the tool output)
Supplementary material that can be included or linked:
  • Comprehensive texts and/or references
  • Bigger courses on the tool
  • Anything else of interest